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Leadership Transformation Program with Mahindra Finance

Inspiring Kargil Tour with Kargil War Hero

Duration: 4 days, Location: Kargil & Drass

Mahindra finance decided to work closely with inspiring mantras to design a leadership program for their selected top potential future leaders. This Leadership Program or Inspirational tour was intended to build the developmental journey from Potential to Future Readiness as a Leader. It aims at developing the talents in executives to get equipped with the required skills and creating a succession talent pipeline for future leaders. Some teachings can only be adopted through experience. Stage, board room or offices can never provide that environment for Leadership learning.
The journey of leadership is very much different for an officer of the Armed forces than an executive in a corporate. This leadership program provided an insight how an officer of armed forces led their troops into most difficult operations like Kargil war, despite constraints of resources and material and still achieved victory despite being in a whole disadvantageous situation. These men in uniform did not think twice before they marched towards their death to defend the country, without any incentive or rewards.
These Leadership Participants were taken back, down memory lane to June 1999. The year of the Kargil war. When a battle took place in the far away mountains of Ladakh, it was this war that rejuvenated nationalism, pride in the nation and the pride in our soldiers that guarded our frontiers.
In the actual surroundings of Kargil, each participant was able to get into shoes of an actual combat leader having a nearly impossible task to achieve. Their perspective about life, competition, team and leadership changed and helped them evolved into a real leader, who will meet his objectives, whatever may be the market conditions or internal factors. The significant outcomes focused were developing Leadership Characteristics within participants, namely, Manage fear and leverage failure, Whole Brain Thinking, Mindfulness, Trust and Multiplier, that were achieved through ten sessions and visits.
It was a real transformation program and a unique one. It came out as an eye-opener and wisdom achievement for the participants. In their own words “A real hero of Kargil War demonstrating and working with us to understand about the core value itself is commendable and beyond the words.”

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