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Vision & Mission

“Every citizen of the country is a soldier if he intends to be”

Inspiring Mantras has been established with a mission to bring transformation in the vision, thinking process and actions of our countrymen. We have suffered the consequences and wounds of Kargil war, understand the pain and sacrifices which Indian soldiers go through during their lives. This initiative is in the honour of our fallen and wounded soldiers. A tribute to our Indian soldiers, they are the role model for the people of India.
Do we even need to tell you that just because the brave heroes of the Indian Defence Forces face the bullets of the enemy on their brave hearts, you can lead a healthy and peaceful life with your loved ones? If you go through the melancholic Kargil War Stories, you will realise that brave-hearts who were on the threshold of youth sacrificed their lives for their motherland.
Guarding the borders is not the only responsibility that the Indian Army carries out. Time and again they have come forward to provide respite from situations like insurgencies, terrorism, floods, drought, and civil war. Their problem-solving skills and attitude is something that each one of us must try to imbibe. We need to take Leadership Lessons from these soldiers who display the qualities of discipline, earnestness, commitment and loyalty. They have that undying team spirit which is willing to find a solution to any problem.
Through our Leadership programs and motivational sessions, we try to inculcate some of these leadership qualities in the learners so that they can perform to the best of their ability towards their assigned duties. We intend to create a dedicated and passionate workforce to steer the company and the country toward success. We want them to think like our soldiers and develop a nation which no enemy can conquer.

Inspiring Mantras
Inspiring mantras Vision and Mission to create Leadership programs and Motivational Sessions. Inspiring mantras Vision and Mission to create Leadership programs and Motivational Sessions.Inspiring mantras Vision and Mission to create Leadership programs and Motivational Sessions.
Shikha Saxena

Founder & CEO

“Shikha Saxena is the founder of inspiring mantras. she has merged the leadership lessons from Kargil war with educational tools to optimize the learning.”

This awe-inspiring lady is an educationalist and social activist, who has also bagged the crown of ‘Mrs India Trendsetter’ at the National beauty pageant Mrs India Queen of Substance. She is an MBA in Information Technology and started her career with HCL. Later she joined Arena Multimedia as the Director and Centre head. Her dedicated leadership led her centre to be declared as the best centre in the north zone for three consecutive years. Later she held the post of head of computer science department in a reputed school in Delhi. Her stupendous and inventive teaching methods won her the ‘Creative Teacher’ award. She owns 20 years of experience in the field of education and Information technology.
Being the wife of a disabled Kargil war veteran, she understands the value of fitness and health. This Yoga and Reiki practitioner, determined to be fit and healthy created a new trend of living life for everyone.
This humanitarian works for underprivileged kids and women in association with an NGO. She is also working for Disabled War Veterans Association which is recognized by the Defence ministry.
She yearns to bring a change in the society by changing the thought process and actions of the citizens of this country. She aims to achieve this by inspiring them with motivational mantras and hence founded inspiring mantras. These mantras are evolved with inspiring stories and experiences of Kargil War. These Leadership lessons from Kargil war are refined with educational tools. She has a strong belief that every person irrespective of his age can be inspired and trained to think and work like a soldier. With customary training, we can achieve a society where every individual will work with devotion and integrity for his country, like an army soldier. Every citizen will make a useful contribution to the development of the country.

Captain. Akhilesh Saxena
Kargil War Hero & Motivational Speaker

Captain Akhilesh Saxena, served in the Indian Army and was part of the offensive to retrieve the Kargil peaks — Tololing, The Hump and Three pimples with the prestigious 2 Rajputana Rifles during the Kargil War. During this mission, he confronted the enemy bullets and in the process got severely injured. However, that did not deter his spirits, and he continued fighting till the time his troops emerged victoriously. The injuries suffered in action compelled him to undergo a series of operations at the base hospital, Delhi and work at the Area Headquarters in New Delhi.
Capt. Saxena pondered about his future, debating whether to continue with the security of his job as he was entitled to all promotions being a war hero and easy postings due to Medical injury. Alternatively, to start all over again and to look for a new challenge in life. The young battle-toughened soldier moved on from the Indian Army to join a full-time MBA course at the Faculty of Management Studies (FMS) and was a gold medallist. Subsequently, he joined an IT and then a telecom company.
This Kargil war veteran is a team player and has strategic planning skills. He got the prestigious ‘Super Boss’ award which is given to the best manager for his exceptional leadership, at Wipro twice in a row. In his quest of excellence, he has achieved certification like PMP, Six Sigma master black belt. He received the highest award ‘Proclub’ three times for his exemplary leadership and motivational skills. He was identified as ‘Potential top talent’ at the current organisation based on his consistently ‘best in class’ performance and potential to take the top management position for his leadership style and was sent to Michigan University for an Executive leadership course. His experience in the Kargil war has helped in chiselling all these skills to perfection.

Inspiring mantras – Leadership programs and Motivational Sessions. Inspiring mantras – Leadership programs and Motivational Sessions. Inspiring mantras – Leadership programs and Motivational Sessions. Inspiring mantras – Leadership programs and Motivational Sessions. Inspiring mantras – Leadership programs and Motivational Sessions.Inspiring mantras – Leadership programs and Motivational Sessions.

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