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Avinash Yogeshawer – DGM – HR Operations, Country Group Head

Avinash Yogeshawer – DGM – HR Operations, Country Group Head

Working with MMFSL for 12 yrs and prior to that with other organization, I have never been through
such inspirational, thought-provoking and values-based leadership training. After interaction with
the Army officer, I realized how tough the life is for Army men in the Kargil, but they never
complained and deliver their best all the time, with passion and dedication.Trust is like fragrance of
flower which attracts people around us. Learned importance of trust and will try to develop
complete trust in my team. To spend time with Kargil War hero Capt. Akhilesh Saxena and to witness
such stories full of valour, positive attitude and adhering to values even in very difficult times was
inspirational.This was one of the best experiential learning for me, resonated with some of the
strong threads of inner feeling and it will be everlasting in my heart, soul, and mind.

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