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Chandra Shaker

Chandra Shaker

It is life time opportunity to interact and learn leadership lessons from a real war hero, Captain
Akhilesh Saxena. Experiential learning, a new trend, this idea of training inspired me a lot.
Throughout the journey, everything was organised pretty well and we felt like a family. Learning I am
taking for my lifetime is Commitment, Discipline, Hospitality, and Concern on People. One of the
best life time experience of learning in informal sessions and those discussions were highly
connected and inspiring., The chief Guest Capt. Akhilesh Saxena sessions, instructions and his
correlation to leadership technique made me completely aware of every aspect of my leadership,
my professional journey and identified areas which need improvements.I will try to imbibe bonding
in my team and use same level of determination and dedication in our customer service with
passion. A big lifetime experience which will transform me as a person and as a leader..

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