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Rakesh – DGM – Process Head

Coming to Kargil for a purpose of military training from the “War Hero” is something like a dream
come true. This tour has given an opportunity of soul searching and looking back at our life, and
especially inspiring for the future to give a meaning to balance the year of my life.This has checked
our physical, mental and attitude towards becoming a human rather than money making and
spending years in four walls of Office/house. From this training, I could realise that only those
individuals can make a difference in the organisation/country who understands the ownership of the
things in hand. One should be a person who remembers over after the field retirement as human
and not as a boss. Taking care of families and engaging for a noble cause is a completely new
perspective I got from this tour.How to try to make relevant to people/structure and will give a meaning to this life now.

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