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Amit Dogra – Process Head, Pre-Owned Car Loans /SOT Loans

Amit Dogra – Process Head, Pre-Owned Car Loans /SOT Loans

Very Inspiring and motivating indeed. It was a harsh climate, we all experienced and felt that every
single day is so difficult to survive, but I was awestruck looking at the Army soldiers. It’s not that
they can’t get a good livelihood back in their hometowns, yet they sacrifice all the comfort of family
to serve the country. This is only because they are “MOTIVATED” for the great cause. This teaches
me that if the team is motivated in the right spirit then they can sacrifice everything for a good
cause. The sky is the limit if my team is motivated like this. The entire team can achieve great
results/targets if given the right motivation. I had a good time and Captain Akhilesh Saxena was
great. Good care was taken despite the harsh climate. We all took many learnings from this
programme. Great – 5/5.

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