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Sunil – Divisional Manager

Sunil – Divisional Manager

It was a great experience for me, during the training I felt like that I was present in Kargil war. Each
session was good and we learned a lot. The first time we have gone through this type of training. We
all are managers here and now after this training, we have become a leader with the core value. We
experienced – how the army people are different in their approach. They are always ready to work in
any situation and help people without knowing. When we reached, our team member was not well,
army soldiers took good care of him. When we had a talk with them, we realized the difficulty level
of survival in the terrain of Kargil. The life of people here is too tough but they live here with positive
and alternative thinking. It was lifetime learning for me. How the tough train was made easy for all
of us by motivating and given proper guidance. Thanks to respected Captain Akhilesh and Shikha
madam for giving us this opportunity.

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