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Dear Captain Akhilesh Saxena,

Last night I had the honor to be part of your insights into your frontline experience during the Kargil war. I am truly humbled by the passion, grit & resolve of our army brethren. I also enjoyed our brief chat post your session & was amazed at your openness towards all of us.

As I had mentioned during our chat, I am currently in the midst of establishing 3 new teams in the areas which are critical to the success of Tata Motors products in PV. I am blessed to have a spirited & passionate team and I am sure they would get tremendous morale boost if they could interact with you in person. To that extent I would like to request you to kindly let me know of your schedule of visit to Pune & your availability in the month of March.

Based on your availability I will try & organize a forum of interaction. Looking forward to your confirmation & potential dates for further arrangements.

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