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Garware Production firm

Garware Production firm

Good Morning Captain Akhilesh Saxena!

You do not know me but, like many others, I know you very well, especially after your presentation on 18th April to the Garware Family!

You enthralled the audience with your humble and still very firm expression throughout! It was the greatest learning for all of us.

I am personally responsible for Supply Chain Management ( Strategic Planning to the execution of the orders ) and our team faces a lot of controllable and uncontrollable issues day to day. Sometimes internal and many times external.

But from 18th April, we have decided -We do not have the challenges. We only have the situation to work on!! Everything now is looking quite simple!!!

Thank you so much, Captain and we are not only proud but grateful to you!

With warm regards,
Ketan Kulkarni,

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