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Leadership Lessons from Kargil War

Inspiring Mantras has made an attempt to bring Leadership Lessons from Kargil War by Captain Akhilesh Saxena, to bring transformation in the vision, thinking process and actions of our countrymen. These leadership development program have being created with the blend of War Experience and Education Technology. We customize our leadership development program and motivational sessions according to the need of the participants. Our all leadership development program will revolve around Leadership Characteristic like – Empowering, Empathy, Risk-taking, Planning, Resource Management, Managing Fear and Leverage Failure, Multiplier, Ownership, and Self-awareness. We believe that leadership is a trait that can be ‘learnt’. With real leadership, an ordinary person can do extraordinary things.

Leadership Program

2-4-Day Inspirational Tour : Multiple Sessions

This leadership transformation program or Inspirational tour is designed to share the various dimension of Leadership that is different from how it is seen from the management perspective and corporate boardrooms.
There will be multiple sessions and each one is going to be equally enthusiastic and motivating. Additionally, the participants will be on a reflective and inspirational tour of two to four days.
These sessions are based on the combat leadership skills demonstrated by the leaders of the Indian Armed Forces as they lead troops into some of the most demanding military operations and Kargil war, in challenging circumstances. During the session, the participants are taken on a journey through the eyes of a Kargil war hero, who also held top various senior management positions in corporate with leading companies.The experience is interactive, comparing with real situations, life lessons and motivating.
Individuals and teams can deliver superior results, whatever may be the market situation.

Motivational Workshop

One Day Workshop

Uniquely tailored for top management and leadership teams, this interactive and dynamic sessions/workshop provides step-by-step guidance for identifying organisational challenges and learning to employ the necessary tools for achieving extraordinary goals.
At one point during the session, each participant is immersed into the shoes of a combat leader when he has to take decisions which will have a very high impact in highly volatile conditions. The audience learns about the principles of leadership which have been forged under the fire of live combat.
Captain Akhilesh Saxena guides participants through a series of exercises that explore team elements like trust, shared purpose, team building and collaboration.
Leaders need to adapt to an environment of change continually. Each situation necessitates an ability to change styles, methods and the processes of leadership. This session on leadership transformation will help each participant to realize his real potential.

Keynote Session

Customize Duration

This keynote session is for larger audience, to channelize their thoughts and energy in a the right direction towards success as per the need of the organisation.
The insights you get from these enriching sessions are invaluable in shaping your future and your life. The war stories narrated by Captain Akhilesh Saxena himself are not just inspiring but impactful and life-altering. What makes these session so widely popular is the fact that you don’t just listen to brave stories, but learn how to relate to the lessons derived from those stories and implement them in your daily life.
It is on many occasions that people talk a lot regarding the courage and dedication of the army for the nation. With this session, you will find out how to draw inspiration from something so huge and make an impact on your life.
Those who are enthused about the nation or want to do something incredible in life are highly recommended to be part of this leadership talk. It’s going to be impactful and inspirational for you.

Leadership in Crises

In Kargil war, Temperature -48, Altitude 2700 meter, where even breathing is difficult. Only basic food that is required for survival was available and on some nights even that was a luxury. Where basic daily routine work like bath and toilet is a difficult task. Where they have to sleep while sitting or hiding under some rock. In these circumstances young army officers motivated their troops to carry their weapon and fight with deadly and invisible enemy. How do these leaders inspire and lead their teams to win against all odds in the most adverse situations and come out victorious?
Dare to Dream
Some targets look beyond human capacity. In Kargil war, the enemy was on the top of the mountain peaks and Indian soldiers were not allowed to cross the LOC. These soldiers had to climb from the front to attack the enemy and there were no shelters, no place to hide. Enemy was able to see our soldiers from top and shoot. To hit our men was an easy task for enemy. They only have to drop stones from above and not even waste their bullet to kill our men. “It is impossible to win in such a situation” commented many army authorities from other countries, but our men were able to win Kargil War. How some of the leaders were able to achieve nearly impossible victory, in extremely difficult situation?
Together We Can
Men have to march forward towards enemy, trusting their comrades that they will cover them, fire on enemy and keep them safe. This is ultimate example of team work where team members keep their life on stake trusting another member of the group. There are many instances where goals can’t be achieved with individual efforts, team work is required to accomplish certain goals. War is the best example where you are risking your life for team. How can this kind of trust and bond within team be built?
Winning with Limited Source
To achieve success the availability of resources can be limited but the potential of mind is unlimited. During Kargil war, even minimum resources like snow boots, snow tents etc were not available, while launching an attack in freezing minus 28 degrees centigrade. The army troops were inspired by leadership skills and planning. How victory was achieved despite resource crunch and adverse situation?
Power of Ownership
During Kargil war when soldiers had to climb a vertical rocky hill to conquer the enemy, they could carry only limited weight so that climbing would become easy. That time most of them decided to carry ammunition instead of their food packets. To accomplish their task successfully they themselves prioritized the items which they wanted to carry. Food and water was compromised to accommodate bullets. This was true ownership of our soldiers to achieve their goal. How these army men show this kind of ownership?
Maximize your Potential
“Sweat in peace so that you don’t have to bleed in war”, is a motto of Army. Practice, practice and practice is the key to success. Prepare yourself for the worst condition then you will never be defeated. At the time of peace, army keeps on training their men in practice camps. They do drill and exercise daily so that their jawans and officers are always fit and active. There is regular medical fitness check-ups and many more rigorous activities which prepare them for war, where they will be face to face with death. What are the training every citizen should get to maximize their potential?

Leadership lessons from Kargil War by Inspiring Mantras. These are very motivational sessions and leadership Development program for corporate training. Leadership Development program from Kargil War by Inspiring Mantras. These are very motivational sessions and leadership Lessons for corporate training. Leadership Lessons from Kargil War by Inspiring Mantras. These are very motivational sessions and leadership Development program for corporate training. Leadership Lessons from Kargil War by Inspiring Mantras. These are very motivational sessions and leadership Development program for corporate training. 

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